November 30, 2022, 11:18:06 PM

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Another case in point: Do you think he got paid during the strike? Absolutely not ... just for the few runs that he got scabs to do. That's why he was begging us to come back.

Nah ... he only gets paid for runs that go out. The city isn't going to pay him for service not rendered, believe me. They're not that generous. (And he waits months for the money they do owe him.)

I should clarify about snow days ... although he doesn't get "paid" as such, I believe he does get the 85% "pass along" that he pays us.
QuoteRuns didn't go out during Covid he didn't get paid ? He doesn't get paid when they don't go out in the snow ??????

No and no. (See comment below about snow days.)

(If he got paid during COVID, don't you think he would have continued paying us the 85% we were getting and kept our benefits? As a matter of fact, Neil paid us the 85%, our benefits and pension through the month of April in 2020 without any reassurance from the city that they would reimburse him. He tried to get the city to at least cover our benefits after that but they wouldn't, let alone pay him. The city broke their contract with the owners.)
Work Related / Here's Your Late Report
November 29, 2022, 12:58:27 AM
This is where your "Late Report" ends up. Click on top where it says "Route" and they will be in order by the letter before the number of your run so scroll down to the R's. Click "Get Details."
Work Related / Re: Strike Possible This Time Around
November 29, 2022, 12:37:52 AM
If a run doesn't go out, he doesn't get paid for it. Strike or no strike.

Work Related / Re: Strike Possible This Time Around
November 28, 2022, 02:03:00 AM

Are you saying he got paid for all the runs that didn't go out? I doubt it.
Work Related / Re: Strike Possible This Time Around
November 27, 2022, 04:26:10 PM
QuoteAnd we really need to better our Pension entice people to want to retire that only makes sense for the owners and union getting new drivers and having more top pay drivers retire....

Totally agree with bettering the pension, but contractors certainly have no impetus to do so because they can't find new drivers.

Not like years ago ... I remember drivers getting $17,000 buyouts to leave ... and got 99 weeks of unemployment besides! Yes, 99 weeks! (Obama)
Work Related / Re: December Parking
November 27, 2022, 04:21:34 PM

Hey, remember what I told you last time! PAY UP or I'll get LMAO after your sorry ass!!  ;D  ;D  ;D
Work Related / Re: Strike Possible This Time Around
November 27, 2022, 01:48:04 PM
QuoteThis "Kid" seems to be uninformed. Using terms as "what is ours and what we deserve" is incorrect.

Exactly right ... nothing is "ours" until it's in the contract and signed by our president and Neil. Before that we don't have shit.
Work Related / Re: Strike Possible This Time Around
November 27, 2022, 01:45:49 PM
QuoteWe have now what our union told us to accept. The union was willing to accept all the givebacks and persuaded the membership to do so.

Not fair to say really. After months of negotiations they know that the contractors' "Best and Final Offer" is the end of negotiations and the only thing they can do is present it to the membership.

The union can persuade all they want. It is TOTALLY up to us whether we accept it or choose the only other alternative ... strike. There is no "going back to the table" at this point. Accept it or go on strike ... those are the choices. Period.
Work Related / Re: Strike Possible This Time Around
November 27, 2022, 12:52:56 AM
QuoteI don't think they are going to fight us, we will cripple the city if they force us to strike.

Wrong on both counts.
Work Related / Re: Strike Possible This Time Around
November 26, 2022, 06:46:32 PM
Your father is right ... you never get back what you lost during a strike.

Safe to say we won't be offered a 24% increase like railroad workers ... but if we were, I doubt we'd reject it like they did!
Work Related / Re: Strike Possible This Time Around
November 26, 2022, 03:56:53 PM
Points well taken. If it's going to come to a strike, then let them call it in September ... not the middle of the fucking winter. And let them tell us ... AT THE VOTE MEETING ... whether there is enough money in the welfare fund to keep our benefits intact for at least 3 months, so there are no surprises later on like last time.

I NEVER supported the last strike. It was stupid, ill-advised (the International was against it), and a big fucking MISTAKE ... something the union to this day will never admit.

How the fuck do you go on strike against a third party? It was Bloomberg ... the city ... that wanted to put the work out for bids, not Neil. Neil was in favor of the EPP. We do not work for the city, we work for Pioneer. How do you strike against a guy who, not only can do NOTHING about what you're striking for, but who also AGREES with you? How? Makes absolutely NO FUCKING SENSE WHATSOEVER!!

Then, to pour salt on the wound, the union doubles-down on the stupidity by ENDING the strike when they did. When it was obvious the strike was going to be ended, I said to the then Vice President of the union, "How can we go back to work WITHOUT having a new contract in place? If we do that, they'll shit all over us." The response was, "One bridge at a time."

Really? Seriously? One bridge at a time? Well it was a fucking bridge to nowhere. They couldn't predict what was going to happen then? That the contractors would wipe the fucking floor with us? That we'd have no recourse? Not a leg to stand on? I mean, what were we going to do ... go on strike again?

At least this time around ... if it were to happen ... it will be against the right parties for the right reasons ... and hopefully a lot better managed by our local.

Work Related / Re: Happy Thanksgiving
November 26, 2022, 12:57:49 AM
QuoteSorry I didn't respond (Happy Thanksgiving )but I did wish you a Happy Thanksgiving in person  :rotfl:

Okay ... you get a pass.  ;D  ;D  ;D

(Of course, I don't know who most of these people.)
Work Related / Re: Happy Thanksgiving
November 25, 2022, 09:44:41 PM
Another guy who writes his message inside the quote.  :))  :))  :))