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Work Related / Drivers Saw Owen Today
November 09, 2022, 06:08:40 PM
There were about 45 drivers including myself in the drivers room that had to see Owen. Owen said we were all there due to us receiving VIA violations. He said we wouldn't be responsible for the fine but needed to find out why. It wasn't first come first serve his exact words "i ain't having a guy 38 years here wait for a guy that's here 6 months" to show him he can log in. He started cherry picking people until I mentioned to him we can't log into our AM because we finished and we cant log into our PM because it's too early unless you have an early out. Just let us show him that our run isn't there and that's proof we logged in. I magically was able to show my run logged in quick and get out of there but I'm sure the rest of the time people were there it was a shit show
Work Related / VIA program fines
November 07, 2022, 09:36:25 PM
I'm sorry but when will Pioneer or the union step in and tell OPT no! This is insane I feel like all OPT wants is money from us. The program is still new and having issues how are we as drivers responsible. If you don't log in you'll be fined 230 for each log in and if you're having issues you gotta go back to the office every day to get a number to put on your trip about just radio it in and write it on your card. As if we don't have enough to do we gotta worry about a program that is still in its testing stage.
Work Related / VIA Violations
October 21, 2022, 08:38:04 PM
Anyone else told they got a violation for not logging in? Dispatch told me OPT said I didn't log in this past Tuesday morning I said I log in and out every AM and PM so that violation is 100 percent bullshit lol. I was told not to worry but heard Its happening a lot as well as it being a widespread problem that the company's working on with OPT and the phone people
Work Related / Bus Service
October 06, 2022, 02:21:50 PM
Does anyone know if Pioneer will be servicing Jewish schools Xmas Break? I'm looking at the calendar for Hebrew Academy and it says they go back to school December 27th that week. I only work them on Fridays which is the day before NYE and it doesn't say on their calendar that there isn't any service, so again does Pioneer offer them service that week?
Work Related / Parking sign
September 20, 2022, 02:13:40 PM
Parking sign on Johnson lmao
Work Related / Uniforms….
September 16, 2022, 11:42:58 AM
Any idea when we are getting the uniforms that we ordered last year?
Work Related / New School Year
September 08, 2022, 02:41:43 AM
Good Luck Everyone tomorrow...stay safe drive smart....

And don't take anyones BS lol
Work Related / Verify ID.Me to get UI
August 30, 2022, 05:13:46 PM
Guys this so what I was talking about. If you open a new claim some of us have to verify the claim through ID.ME I just
Got this letter in the mail today after opening up a claim on the 22nd.

Noticed in the letter it says they are asking to verify SOME UI applicants. So if anyone opens up a new claim you MIGHT have to do this. If you haven't received a payment after opening a claim this is likely why. I know guys who opened claims two weeks ago and their payment wasn't released due to this reason.
Work Related / New Unemployment Claim
August 12, 2022, 01:34:04 PM
Has anyone recently opened a new claim? Mine is next Sunday. Was wondering if it went smoothly with no delays in getting paid.
Work Related / Island Charter Drivers
June 07, 2022, 12:34:46 PM
Two drivers in two weeks forgot a child on a bus but this story says a driver and matron forgot....
Work Related / Field trips 3/21
March 15, 2022, 07:40:34 PM
It was good while it lasted....teachers are chomping at the bits to get out of the classroom. May God help those drivers who got hired during the pandemic and never sue trips lol
Work Related / NY Ends Mask Indoor School Mandate
February 27, 2022, 08:16:22 PM
NY Ends Mask Indoor School Mandate....are we free on the bus?
Work Related / NJ district paying 30.00 hr
February 22, 2022, 04:14:44 PM
When is NY gonna get bumped to 30.....?

Although it's 6.5 an hour and they also get state pension too
Work Related / Wearing Masks in the office again
December 13, 2021, 05:57:26 PM
So we are back to square one. We have to wear masks in the office and around dispatch....🤦🏻‍♂️ Soooo what's the point of getting vaccinated?