Return Parking Permits

Started by Gary 209, June 19, 2022, 01:45:56 PM

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Gary 209



Carl will be in on Tuesday morning so if you can put your permit in the mailbox Tuesday morning after you park that will be perfect.

Johnson Street:

I been out sick so if some of you can collect a few and give them to Grace or Tommy Pezz this week that would work. It makes September a lot easier already having your information for the new permits.

Summer Parking

Curves is offing parking spots to everybody that is doing summer runs. The price is $35.00 for July. He rented the right side of lot where the electric transformers are to 12 volt across the street. We only have the left side where the dumpster is to park. So there is about only 20 spots available. If you need a spot see Grace after the summer pick.

Thank You All for your cooperation this year with the parking! We had a Good Year with the snow removal and parking issues. No Major problems.

Thank You All Again! Have a Good Safe Summer!

Gary 106

Have a Great Safe Summer!!!


Just want to clarify ... spoke to Gary ... when he said "So there is about only 20 spots available" he meant for the summer only.
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