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Started by LMAO, January 25, 2023, 01:34:23 AM

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     Just saw that retired Pioneer Driver Joe Yaccarino passed (last week ) fondly know as " Joe the Bus driver" by his students . As being one of those student (early 70s ) I can tell you I have nothing but great memories of Joe always smiling he knew everyone name on his bus and assigned me As his
unofficial bus monitor 👮‍♂️. Joe stayed on the same run long into my adult life covering PS 22 AM & PM and would see him occasionally when I visited my parents home ( stop was right in front ) a beep of the horn a smile on his face and a wave of his hand ,he never forgot ( especially the scare on his bald head that my sister gave him in 2nd grade with her metal lunch box ) nothing but a gentleman  🤕 MAY HE REST IN PEACE 🙏🏻Thanks for the ride Joe 🚌