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Started by Buzz, December 31, 2010, 03:11:16 AM

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There is a new message board system in place. Most of you will have to register again on the new 1181 Drivers Forum to be able to post. If you posted on the old message board within the past 3 months, you have been pre-registered in the new forum as a courtesy to those who help provide content. (If not, please contact me.) However, you will have to log in with a temporary password the first time. (There is no way for me to decrypt or retrieve your old password.) Please log in to the old Pioneer Drivers Forum and check you personal messages (that's the link at the very top of the page). Complete instructions and your temporary password are given there. (PM me back if any problem.)

For all others, registration is will be done automatically, for the time being. (Until the spammers discover the new forum.) Click "Register" near The top of the forum page and follow the simple instructions. You must provide a valid e-mail address so you can receive an activation link and confirm your membership. (This will happen within seconds.) It's not really necessary, but if you're worried about privacy, you can create an alternate e-mail address ... as long as you can access it. Contrary to rumor, no one's e-mail address, IP or other info is shared with anyone ... never was, never will be. (But, believe what you want.)

There is indeed a Work Related message board on the new 1181 Drivers Forum. It is the first board on the forum, however, you must log in for it to even be visable. Therefore, you must be a registered memeber to post, read or even see that the Work Related forum exists. All other message boards can be read by guests, but you must be a member to post.

The old Pioneer Drivers Forum will remain archived online for several months for reference purposes. It is read-only ... you can no longer post to those message boards. You should find the new forum fairly similar to use as the old. Most of whatever is a little different is pretty much self-explanatory. If any questions please post them on this board after you register and log in. If you have questions before you register, either send an e-mail or send a PM from the old Pioneer Drivers Forum.

Good to be back ... looking forward to seeing you on the new boards.


--- Buzz

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